Dance Description and Resources

A Barn Dance Repertoire aka 'English ceilidh', instructions

American Country Dances On Line

Andrew Carnie's International Folkdance Notes in pdf format

Andy Pollock's Folk Dance Page A few international dance descriptions

Asteria How to Dance Greek

Balkan & Middle Eastern Dance/Music Rhythms & Syncopations
Balkan Dance Notes by Tom Deering

Balkanfolk - Balkan folk dances, music and singing

Modern English Country Dance Definitions and Conventions (US site)

Brooks Academy Irish Set Dances

Bulgarian Folklore Dance & Music

Cambridge Contra dance instructions

Celtic Traditions: All About Irish Dance By Eoin Kavanagh

Contra Dances Keiran Wagle's site

Contra Dance / Contradance in the United States, Canada, and the World

Contradancers of Hawaii Collection of Traditional Contra dances

Creative Rhythms 34 easy folk dance descriptions

Creative Rhythms Interpreting & Teaching Folk Dance

Cypriot Folk Dances

Dance Notation 17 dances by the International Folk Culture Center of San Antonio

Dancin-Fool Scottish, Scandinavian, American and International Dance in Los Angeles, CA

Dick Oakes' Folk Dance Descriptions Lots of international dances

Dunav folkdance database in Israel - many well-categorised audio recordings and video demonstrations of popular dances
Earthly Delights all new dances written by John Garden

Estienne's Country Dance Book Playford dances, PDF

Evansville International FolkDancers  in the US a source for dance notes, music, etc.

Filipino Folk Dance Glossary, Noel's

Folk Dance & Midi Archive Austria

Folk Dance Notes Bob Shapiro's many dance descriptions: from Albania to USA

Folkraft CDs - Anthology of Folklore Music

Georgian Folk Dances

Glossary Of Belly Dance Terms

How to dance the ... hambo, polka and schottische, as at US Contra dances

Hugo's International Folk Dance Descriptions

International Dance Glossary & Dance Forms

Irish and Scottish dance descriptions

Irish Set Dance Glossary

Israeli Dances searchable database

Izvor Music - Macedonian & Balkan Folk Music

Macedonian Traditional Folk Dances

Michael Herman's Folk Dancer records on CD

Nordic Folk Dance Links

Online Dance Descriptions Folk Dance Federation of California

Palmer's Pocket Playford

Sacred Circle Dance Library approx 490 dance notations

Scottish Ceilidh Dance instructions

Welsh Folk Dances

What Are Céilí and Irish Set Dancing?

What is Contra Dance?

Yves Moreau's Bulgarian dance CDs and videos